Minor in Management Information Systems

The management information systems minor represents the crossroads between business and technology. The minor complements any degree by providing training in analytics, database management, business information systems, web development, security, and systems design.

Minor Requirements (15-16 Credits)

Starting Fall 2020 an overall GPA of 2.0 is required for enrollment in this business minor. A student from outside the Huntsman School who desires to pursue any business minor must recognize that there may be prerequisites to required minor courses and that a GPA of 2.5 must be obtained in minor courses in order for the minor to be awarded at graduation.

Course # Course Name Credits
Required Courses
*DATA 3330 Database Management (pre-req: *DATA 2100) 3
Choose one course from the following programming classes:
CS 1400/1405 Intro to Computer Science  4
*DATA 3500 Intro to Business Applications 3

* The prefix of this course has been updated, view previous course prefix information for this course.

MIS Electives - Select 3 courses (9 credits)

Career Tracks:
A=Web Developer
B=DBA (Database Administrator)
C=Project Manager
D=IT Consultant/Business Analyst
E= E-learning Manager

Web Developer creates applications hosted on web sites. Requires strong programming skills and understanding of database principles. Security is important to protect integrity of web sites, and user interface design skills help a developer create attractive, functional web sites.

Database Administrator (DBA) monitors, maintains, and optimizes critical organizational data to ensure efficient and accurate storage and retrieval. Understanding security and advanced data communication topics are important in the confidentiality and protection of data integrity.

Project Manager coordinates IT projects, working with end users and technical staff to ensure deliverables meet business needs and are delivered on-time and within budget. E-commerce mgt. and security topics are helpful to understand web-based architectures and enforce project standards and quality-assurance procedures.

IT Consultant/Business Analyst examines and aligns business processes with information technologies, implementing more efficient and effective practices. Security and data communication infrastructure issues as well as the ability to analyze large amounts of data are helpful. Strong communication skills prove valuable, as the consultant/analyst serves as a liaison between end users and technical professionals.

E-learning Manager creates training modules for web-based training development projects. Understanding instructional design and training and development principles is required. Strong analytical and communication skills are important, as well as user interface planning skills to create well-designed applications.

Course # Course Name A B C D E
ACCT 4500 Accounting Info. Systems          
*DATA 3300 Big Data Analytics (pre-req: *DATA 2100)   X X X  
*IS 3450 GUI Design X       X
*DATA 4330 Advanced Database (pre-req: *DATA 3330) X X      
*IS 4350 Intro Pref. Improvement Projects     X X X
*IS 4800 Security Bus Information Systems   X X X  
*IS 5050 APS.NET (pre-req: CS 1400/1405 or *DATA 3500 and *DATA 3330) X        
*IS 5150a Emerging Technologies in MIS   X   X  
*IS 5150x Emerging Technologies in MIS     X    
*DATA 5300 Adv. Data Comm. (pre-req: *IS 3800)   X   X  
*DATA 5350 Data Modeling/Applications       X  
*IS 5700 Internet Mgt and E-comm.     X    
*IS 5900/5910 Systems Design (CI) (pre-req: CS 1400/1405 or *DATA 3500 and *DATA 3330) X X X X X

* The prefix of this course has been updated, view previous course prefix information for this course.

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