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Minor in Finance

Finance Minor IconThe Finance Minor provides students training in the basic analytical skills of financial management and investment. Students with a background in finance can have a competitive advantage when faced with complex business issues. Whether or not students pursue a career in finance, this minor can strengthen their ability to make sound financial decisions.

Minor Requirements (18 Credits)

Starting Fall 2020 an overall GPA of 2.0 is required for enrollment in this business minor. - A student from outside the Huntsman School who desires to pursue any business minor must recognize that there may be prerequisites to required minor courses and that a GPA of 2.5 must be obtained in minor courses in order for the Minor to be awarded at graduation.

Course Number Course Name Credits
FIN 3200 Financial Management (B-) 3
FIN 3400 Corporate Finance (B-) 3
FIN 4410 Financial Institutions 3
FIN 4460 Investments 3

Choose two courses from the following:

ECN 5600 Financial Economics 3
FIN 4300 International Finance 3
FIN 4420 Insurance 3
FIN 4430 Real Estate Finance 3
FIN 4450 Advanced Corporate Finance 3
FIN 4480 Derivatives Market 3
FIN 4495 or 4490 Investment Banking or Hedge Fund & Private Equity 3
FIN 5250 Banking Regulation 3
FIN 5440 Cases in Finance 3

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