Our Purpose

Utah State University is the land-grant institution in the State of Utah. The purpose of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is to be an engine of growth for our community, the state, the nation, and the world, and to be a career accelerator for our students.


Our mission is to develop leaders of distinction in commerce and public affairs. This is built on our four strategic pillars: Analytical Rigor, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Ethical Leadership, and Global Vision.

Culture of Excellence

Our “culture of excellence” brings focus to the values we seek to “hardwire”: a focus on student success as our top priority; a relentless drive to improve and to innovate; an aspiration to seek excellence in everything we do; the confidence to “dare mighty things”; the humility to recognize that we don’t have all the answers; the desire to attract talent from all corners of the earth; a commitment to results.

Strategic Objective

Our strategic objective is to become the “premier, undergraduate business and economics program in the Intermountain West.” We are pursuing this objective through:

  1. Developing increased financial flexibility
  2. Attracting, developing and retaining the best available talent in our faculty and staff
  3. Developing state-of-the-art facilities
  4. Recruiting and developing the best and the brightest students
  5. Continually innovating in our curricular and co-curricular offerings
  6. Creating, sustaining and hardwiring a culture of excellence throughout the School.

Vision: Jon and Karen Huntsman

Academic Freedom

The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business fully supports the mission of Utah State University “to be one of the nation's premier student-centered land-grant and space-grant universities by fostering the principle that academics come first, by cultivating diversity of thought and culture, and by serving the public through learning, discovery, and engagement.” To that end, we also fully support the University’s statement of academic freedom, which states, in part that “Academic freedom is the right to teach, study, discuss, investigate, discover, create, and publish freely. Academic freedom protects the rights of faculty members in teaching and of students in learning. Freedom in research is fundamental to the advancement of truth. The faculty member is entitled to full freedom in teaching, research, and creative activities, subject to the limitations imposed by professional responsibility.”

USU Statement of Academic Freedom