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About the National Advisory Board

The Dean’s National Advisory Board is an opportunity for alumni and friends to be involved with the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, to use their influence and affluence to further the School’s goals, and to participate in ensuring its future success. Major financial support is necessary to ensure growth and development of the School and its numerous programs. This support is garnered from informed and engaged individuals who become actively involved in helping the School attain its goals.

The board provides advocacy, consultation, and support for the school and the continuing development of its business programs. Serving as an advocacy group both on campus and off, the board promotes a positive image and good relations for the school with the rest of the university as well as with the region, state, and nation. It also helps connect the students, faculty and dean of the school with society at large.

The National Advisory Board consists of no more than 30 distinguished persons, including alumni and friends of the school, appointed by the dean. Members assist the school in acquiring the resources necessary for its continuing development, provide counsel to the dean, increase recognition on and off campus of the School’s vigorous business program and engage in other actions that enhance the academic standing of the School and the general well being of its diverse programs, students, alumni, and faculty.