The Management Department offers outstanding educational opportunities in management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and human resources. In each of our majors, students have the opportunity to learn a healthy mix of theory and practice from dedicated faculty members. In addition, students have opportunities to meet and interact with alumni and other professionals who have been extremely successful in their fields. Extracurricular involvement in events such as Entrepreneur Day and HR Games provide opportunities to excel. We are proud of the accomplishments of our students and faculty and look forward to more great things in the future.



Master Class - Negotiation is the key to success

Dr. Merideth Ferguson, assistant professor of management, encourages her students to rock the boat. Her Negotiations class, MGT 4600, isn’t the type of class where students sit in rows and raise their hands. It’s a class where words are used as tools and nonverbal communication is king.

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100 Cities 100 Entrepreneurs

The Silicon Valley approach for building companies has become the main strategy taught at many business schools around the country. It goes like this: You create a prototype you can quickly test, preferably in the tech industry. You find a group of users and gain proof of concept. You raise...

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5 Habits That Boost Your Workplace Effectiveness

Are you efficient at checking things off your to-do list, or are you truly effective in getting the right things done? It’s important to know the difference between efficiency and effectiveness – and to take steps toward the latter if you hope to maximize your career success. Here are five...

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