Economics and Finance

Economics and finance issues continue to dominate the front page and the business section: the Chinese economy, Federal Reserve policy, falling labor force participation, etc. Economists may not always or even rarely agree, but at least we have interesting problems to discuss and solve. If you want to join the debate and develop marketable skills along the way, we encourage you to learn more by visiting our classes, attending our seminars, joining a club, or meeting with our faculty.




California's drought has reached Biblical-plague proportions. It's time for a drastic measure.

By Professor Randy Simmons. Last January, California Governor Jerry Brown declared a State of Emergency following projections of severe drought. State bureaucrats and local officials jumped into action and mandated any number of water conservation tactics. While some have been relatively...

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How saving for retirement requires change in approach

Huntsman professor, Aspen Gorry, is quoted in the following article. For generations, the responsibility of paying for employees’ retirement often fell upon the companies that hired them. In the manufacturing-based economy that was the 20th-century United States, that model allowed...

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Broadening Her Horizons

With the support of the Huntsman Scholars Program and the USU Honors Program, Allison Fife, ’15, Economics and History, recently attended the Insight Dubai conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Throughout the conference, she attended lectures and discussions focused on subjects ranging from...

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