Tuition and Financial Aid


The values in the tables below include Tuition, Fees and Huntsman School Differential Tuition. Based upon the specialization selected, the number of credits per semester will be adjusted and the tuition amount will change accordingly.

Estimated Tuition and Fees AY 2015-16

The number of credits a student will take per semester may vary, depending on the specialization for which they are registered.

Enrollment Status

Fall 2015
19.5 Credits *

Spring 2016
15.5 Credits*

35 Credits
Utah Residents, and non-Utah residents who are
children or grandchildren of USU alumni
$14,318 $12,367 $26,685
Out-of-State ** $22,649 $20,652 $43,301
International ** $22,749 $20,752 $43,501

*NOTE: Tuition for fall and spring semester for the MBA on campus program includes $2,500 (each semester for a total of $5,000) for the Global Learning Experience which takes place during Spring Break.

** Non-Resident Tuition Waiver for Excellence is available for those whose GPA and national competitive exam scores (GRE or GMAT) are above the average of the same admission scores for all current students in the college. Additional information about the tuition waiver.


For qualified on–campus full–time students, financial aid assistance is offered through the University Financial Aid Office.

Mailing Address:
Financial Aid Office
1800 Old Main Hill
Logan, Utah 84322–1800

Location: Taggart Student Center Room 306
Phone: 435.797.0173
Fax: 435.797.0654

Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver

Children or grandchildren of USU Alumni can attending Utah State can get the nonresident portion of tuition will be waived. Follow your parents' or grandparents' footsteps and become an Aggie. To qualify for the Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver, a future Aggie must:

  • Be admitted.
  • Have at least one parent or grandparent who earned an associate degree or higher from Utah State University.
  • Enroll at USU as a first-time student.

Additional Information and Applications