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Huntsman School conference and project rooms are for university related business only. Rooms can be reserved by Utah State University students, faculty and staff.

Companies/employers wishing to use the rooms need to contact the Huntsman School Career Development Center by calling 435.797.2347 to receive authorization to reserve rooms.

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By reserving this room you are responsible for making sure that all furniture remains in the room. If any additional furniture is brought in from another area, please make sure it is returned. The whiteboard needs to be erased and any trash needs to be cleaned up.

You will be held accountable for any damage or problems that are reported after your use of this room. If we receive any reports of problems, you will be notified of possible suspension of use. If we receive two reports, you will be suspended from reserving any rooms in the building for the school year.

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There are no available slots for this day.
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