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3 surprising myths about the benefits of your mobile device - TEDxUSU


School of Accountancy Tax Team Takes 2nd Place!

Last weekend, a team of students from the School of Accountancy competed in Deloitte’s FanTAXtic regional competition in Salt Lake City and received a second place finish right behind UT Austin, the number one accounting school in the nation. The team consisted of two sophomores, Shannan Peel and Ashley Hernandez, two upper division undergraduates, Slater Duncan and Kyle Merrill, and one graduate…


Huntsman Bolsters Faculty in Ethical Leadership

Dr. Julena Bonner joins the Huntsman School of Business faculty this year as the winner of the Best Student Paper in the Social Issues in Management Division at the 2016 Academy of Management meetings. This is the second year in a row that she has received this honor. The Academy of Management is the leading academic society in the field of management, and her award-winning research focuses on m…

Managing Entitled Employees

In today’s workplace, more and more employees are displaying feelings of entitlement which is creating problems and frustrations for managers. Entitled individuals have a unique way of interacting and communicating with others, including managers. On the one hand, they have a strong desire for autonomy. Entitled individuals dislike the idea of being beholden to others or being told what to do. On …


Service is an important part of the experience at the Huntsman School of Business. We are encouraged to look for ways to serve and to give back, whether on campus or to our communities. As part of the annual Business Week service project, students planned a three-hour service challenge entitled Huntsman Gives Back. Huntsman students gathered donations from companies throughout the State of Utah fo…


Huntsman marketing professor’s research is cited in Wall Street Journal article

Research led and published by Huntsman marketing professor Sterling Bone was cited in the November 10, 2016 Wall Street Journal article, “Black-Owned Businesses Face Credit Gap.”


Lead With Distinction

A few weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of spending a day with Dick Motta, a great Aggie who spent a lifetime teaching young men about basketball and life. Motta won at every level of coaching, leading Grace High School to the Idaho state championship, Weber State College to three conference championships, and the NBA Washington Bullets to their only championship, in 1978. He was known as a pl…


What are your employees saying about you?

In an article published in the Harvard Business Review, Huntsman School Associate Professor Nate Washburn, along with Ben Galvin from BYU, provides some suggestions for leaders to develop powerful and inspirational leadership.

The Holy Grail of Information Security?

Patent #9391962, “Multi-node Encryption”, is an idea that could potentially upset the entire internet industry. Describing the genesis of his idea, Huntsman Associate Professor Jeff Johnson offered the following analogy, “In the cyber world we have bad guys who are constantly trying to hurt us. Our defense against these bad guys is to build great stone walls that act as a shield. Unfortunately, ov…

Passion For Higher Education

In a constantly changing world, where the concept of working in one field, let alone for one employer, for a lifetime, is becoming a rare thing, Dr. Pamela Dupin-Bryant has been a ‘True Blooded Aggie’ for over twenty years. She completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Utah State and has held academic positions at USU since 1994. Dr. Dupin-Bryant attributes this longevity to her pas…

How I’m Building Huntsman - Theresa Foxley, ‘04

From snowy walks up Old Main Hill, to thundering basketball games in the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum, to late night study sessions in the library, I loved my time at Utah State University and the opportunities it offered me. Attending USU opened my eyes to different perspectives, places, and things — I made friends from small western towns and big international cities. I studied abroad in France and i…

2016 Distinguished Executive Alumnus - Dr. Stephen Neeleman, ‘94

The idea for HealthEquity, one of the nation’s largest health savings custodians, was germinated in a class at USU during Steve Neeleman’s sophomore year. “I took this class, medical sociology, taught by Reed Geertsen, and it really opened my eyes to the cost of healthcare and our system of health insurance,” recounted Neeleman. After graduating from Utah State, where he also played football, he w…

Leadership is Responsibility

We can be a leader every day by living our lives with integrity and mutual respect towards those who come in contact with us. When you are a leader of a team you have an obligation to do the best you can to help guide everyone to a common vision. A true leader listens, works hard, sets an example for those around them, makes a decision of a direction to pursue and stays out of the way after a visi…

The Huntsman Experience

When Breanne Yamauchi, Business Administration and Marketing, ’18, tore her ACL just a few months before coming to Utah State University, she was crushed. She had always imagined herself balancing college sports with classes. Now that sports weren’t an option, she would have to look elsewhere for activities to define her college experience. This was a pattern that she would see over and over again…

Accounting Awards

Kari Olsen, assistant professor of accounting, was recently selected as the recipient of the 2016 IRF Emerging Scholar Manuscript Award by the Institute of Management Accountants. He was also awarded a grant from the Institute for Management Accountants to support work examining the effect of relative performance information feedback frequency and personality characteristics on performance.


Bringing Global Vision to Accounting

“If you look at the strategic pillars of the Huntsman School, global vision is a standard. We really have to understand what is happening outside of Cache Valley, Utah, and the United States,” noted Dr. Chris Skousen, associate department head of the Accounting Program. This year Dr. Skousen of was elected President of the International Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association (AA…

Developing Careers at the Huntsman School

Occasionally just the right mix of place, time, and events combine to create incredible synergy. That synergy is evolving as the FJ Management Center for Student Success becomes home to a new Career Development office in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. At Utah State career services have traditionally been provided to all students through a centralized function. This new setup, modeled on t…

Prestigious Internship Leads to Full-Time Position

The first thing you will notice about Eliza Thacker is that she speaks quickly and concisely. While she is a naturally friendly and enthusiastic person, she honed these communication skills while interning for General Mills in Philadelphia this summer. Thacker stated, “People from the West Coast speak slower and with more patience, I had to learn to speak like an East Coaster.”


New Huntsman Scholar Space


Huntsman Scholar Alumni

Huntsman Scholar Alumni Pictures

2015-16 Year-at-a-Glance


Aggie Alumnus Joins Huntsman Development Team

The Huntsman School has welcomed Aggie alumnus Sam Brand as a development officer. Prior to joining the Huntsman School, Sam provided development strategy, campaign counsel, as well as marketing insights for various organizations, including the telecommunications company IMSAR, and for Zion’s Bank. As a development officer for IMSAR, he assisted in acquiring more than $120M in federal and commerc…

How Global Experiences Enrich Learning

Foreign travel is an opportunity that can greatly enrich a student’s education and the Global Learning Experiences program at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business does just that. Aligning with the school’s pillar of global vision, the program provides rich, in-country experiences while providing a business focused curriculum. The structure helps students develop a global mindset which “is impera…

Fighting Fire with Innovation

This summer MIS Associate Professor Jeff Johnson was granted a patent for his unique form of information security, one that has the potential to revolutionize online security. Patent #9391962, “Multi-node Encryption”, is an idea that could potentially upset the entire internet industry.


Accounting Grad Scores Prestigious Internship

Recent MAcc (Master of Accounting) graduate Dillon Jones will spend the next year in Norwalk, CT, at a prestigious internship for the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). The Postgraduate Technical Assistant Program is “a one-year term, during which the individual becomes highly involved with the accounting standards-setting process and comes to have an in-depth understanding of the roles…

My Excellent Summer Adventure

Last month I packed up my suitcase, kissed my wife and two little boy’s goodbye, and hit the road on an epic road trip traveling with Dr. Mike Glauser, the Executive Director of the Jon M. Huntsman School’s Clark Center for Entrepreneurship. We spent two weeks driving over 4,000 miles, visiting seven different states and witnessing the important role that small businesses play in our economy and …

MHR Program Achieves Top Rank

The Master of Human Resources program in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business was recently profiled as one of eighteen leading HR programs in the country. places the Huntsman School in the company of outstanding HR programs including Purdue, Texas A&M, Loyola and Pepperdine.  Dr. Steven Hanks, Director of HR Graduate Studies, noted, “We are delighted to be recognized as a top HR …


AIS Places at National Competition

Four members from the Association for Information Systems (AIS) student chapter recently competed against 16 collegiate teams during the AIS Student Chapter Leadership Conference and Competition in Bloomington, Indiana. Allan Follett, Dallin Lewis, Abhishek Shukla, and Caleb Wilkinson began preparing for the competition last fall. The team had to review preparatory material, attend a four-hour tra…

Entrepreneurs Choose Persistence Over Adventure

When considering potential new opportunities, entrepreneurs typically contemplate the possible financial and non-financial benefits that may be generated and the probability of successfully starting the business. Unsurprisingly, if the new opportunity is perceived to be able to generate a lot of benefits, the entrepreneur will be more likely to pursue the opportunity. Similarly, the higher the p…


Crossing the Desert for Cancer

Jon M. Huntsman School of Business alumnus Kaden Comadena (BA ’10) has taken the challenge to ‘dare mighty things’ seriously. The International Business graduate recently completed the Marathon des Sables. A six day, 159-mile race across the Sahara Desert that is commonly known as the “toughest footrace on earth”. Comadena not only completed a major physical feat but found a way to give back. As h…


USU Professor Takes to Main Street for Book Tour

Utah State University professor and serial entrepreneur Michael Glauser is no stranger to writing books or riding bikes. Glauser, the director of the Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship in the Huntsman School of Business at USU, decided to do both in 2014 when he rode through Main Street America to find small-town entrepreneurs who’ve made their way and have built successful businesses –a…


Huntsman Student Team Secures Top Rank

The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is known for encouraging its students to ‘dare mighty things’ and enrich their education through student engagement and unique programs. The Master of Science in Financial Economics (MSFE) is a rigorous master program that “prepares students for a wide range of careers both inside and outside the financial industry, including risk management, asset management…

Harry S. Truman Scholarship Awarded to Huntsman Student

Don't let her small frame fool you. Madelyn Fife is a powerhouse full of drive and intelligence. In April, Madelyn Fife received some incredible news from President Stan Albrecht. Under the ploy that she needed to sign a travel form in the President's office, Madelyn was informed that she was awarded the Truman Scholarship and would become one of 54 students in the nation to become a Truman Scho…

Distinguished Award Winners – Spring 2016

Three Huntsman employees and one student, have received

3 Ways to Attract Success After Graduation

Most of us think that success is something we pursue, but I believe Jim Rohn was right when he said, “Success is something you attract by the person you become.” I want to share with you three things that I have found to be foundational to success.


SOA Faculty Receives National IMA Award

Congratulations to Dr. Kari Olsen who was selected by the IMA Research Foundation to receive the 2016 IRF Emerging Scholar for the Competitive Manuscript Award. This award is given annually to a single emerging scholar (or lead author recognition) of management accounting who has received a terminal degree (Ph.D., DBA, ED.D, JD) within the last seven years.


Huntsman Alumni Magazine - Special Issue

Read the Special Issue of the Huntsman Alumni Magazine that showcases the Grand Opening of Huntsman Hall.


My Favorite Professors

The Jon M Huntsman School of Business has given me the opportunity to rub shoulders with incredible professors, mentors, and friends. As I consider my time at the Huntsman School, there are so many professors I would like to thank, like Craig Petersen, Paul Fjeldsted, Ronda Callister, Vijay Kannan, Frank Shuman, and Strat Roper. There are two who really stand out as having made a huge impact on my…

My Huntsman Experience

My experience in the Huntsman School of Business has been transformative. I came to college thinking I would pick a major, finish school quickly, and start my career. I never expected to discover the entire world at my fingertips in Logan, but the Huntsman School provides its students with countless opportunities to do just that. I am extremely grateful to have been involved in numerous service pr…

Faculty Research Wins Award at Qualtrics Insight Summit

In February, leading business professionals and academics from around the world gathered at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City for the 2016 Qualtrics Insight Summit. Prominent on the program was the “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” game show, hosted by Stephen Dubner, the author of Freakonomics.

Huntsman Students - Exercising the Human Heart Through Service

Towards the end of his remarks at the grand opening of Huntsman Hall on March 16, Jon Huntsman stated that “No exercise is better for the human heart than reaching down and lifting someone up.” Our students are taking this advice seriously this semester as as they participate in service projects around campus and around the community.

Six Seniors to Graduate with perfect GPAs

For six senior students from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, graduating this spring will be their pinnacle experience after years of hard work and dedication. Braiden Coleman, Michael Ryan, Grant Holyoak, Nicholas Murray, Lauren Johnson and Katelyn Miller will all be graduating summa cum laude; the highest honor you can receive for achieving and maintaining a 4.0 GPA while attending school…


Huntsman Hall Grand Opening Event

On March 16, 2016, the newest building on the Utah State University campus opened its doors. The Jon M. Huntsman Hall, a 125,000 sq. ft, building, will allow the entire Huntsman School community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends to gather in one space. The 21 state-of-the-art classrooms, alongside 21 student meeting rooms, commons areas, café, and outdoor spaces are designed for int…

Huntsman Hall Grand Opening - March 16, 2016

Our community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends turned out in force on March 16 to help us open the Jon M. Huntsman Hall. Watch a highlight of the grand opening ceremonies.


Opening of Jon M. Huntsman Hall

Dreams do come true. On March 16, 2016, the newest building on the Utah State University campus opened its doors. The Jon M. Huntsman Hall, a 125,000 sq. ft, building, will allow the entire Huntsman School community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends to gather in one space. The 21 state-of-the-art classrooms, alongside 21 student meeting rooms, commons areas, café, and outdoor spaces…


3 Hired by Goldman Sachs

Congratulations to three Huntsman students who recently received full-time offers as financial analysts in the highly sought after Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs. The Huntsman School of Business was the only institution to place three students in the Investment Banking Division. The only other school that placed more than one student was Denver University, with the placement of two s…

New Executive Master of Accounting Program

The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is pleased to announce the creation of an Executive Master of Accounting (EMAcc) program scheduled to begin in June, 2016. This graduate program is a pioneering effort in which both the content and delivery are tailored to aspiring financial executives in need of a graduate degree in accounting. Similar to executive MBA programs, this EMAcc program will build…


Accounting Student Interns at PCAOB

Samuel Lindquist, a junior in accounting and club hockey player recently began an internship with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) in Washington D.C. He is one of three interns selected from the around the world in the Office of Research and Analysis at the PCAOB. Interns are selected based on a competitive process that includes several interviews. This department supports t…


Annual Report 2015: Highlights

The Annual Report 2015: video is a highlight of some of the amazing experiences we had the opportunity to take part in at the Huntsman School. We remain ever so grateful to the entire Huntsman School community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.


Aggie headed to Madrid

At the Huntsman School of Business, we challenge our students, past and present, to Dare Mighty Things. One Utah State alumnus has truly taken this to heart during his professional career. Derek White graduated from Utah State University in 1996, and for the past 20 years, his career has been a showcase for entrepreneurial spirit, with stops at the Wharton School, JP Morgan, Barclays Bank in Londo…

Experienced finance professional joins Huntsman School

Rick Hornsby, one of the newest faculty members in the Huntsman School, is a Cache Valley native who graduated from Logan High School. After receiving two degrees from the Huntsman School, he set out for a career that would take him from one side of the country to the other. So when an opportunity arose to return to his hometown and teach graduate level courses in the Economics and Finance Departm…