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Finding your way out of the unemployment wilderness

Deseret News

By Scott Hammond

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.7 percent of Utahns are unemployed. Economy Track says almost 18 percent are underemployed (part-time seeking full-time work). The underemployed and the unemployed, along with their friends and their families, experience the same psychological trauma as those who have been lost in the wilderness and forced to survive.

When Victoria broke her leg in the Escalante desert of southern Utah, she was already a day overdue. Trapped at the base of an old waterfall and 40 yards from drinkable water, she was in a hole and unable to move. For hours she thought about how to get to water without risking a severed artery. Then it came to her. Instead of going forward she would go backwards. With her one good leg and her bottom, she scooted backwards, up and over the rock, collecting burnable fire fuel in her poncho as she dragged her broken leg along the desert floor. At the stream, she built a fire and buried the hot coals in the sand. The coal bed helped keep her warm and the water kept her hydrated for three more days before searchers found her.

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