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Utah State hopes new center will help entrepreneurs strike it rich

The Salt Lake Tribune

By Matthew Piper

After meetings of the school’s entrepreneurship club, Kyle Ivins would trade ideas with other student leaders on the top floor of the Utah State Business Building. Where was their starting point? Who would fund them? What was the market?

Ivins partnered with another student with whom he frequently saw eye-to-eye, Nate Putnam, on a project for an entrepreneurial class. They had to be $2,000 in the black by the end of the semester, and in small-town, blue-collar Logan, they banked $4,000. Two years later, Ivins is creative director, Putnam is CEO, and another former USU student, Kevin Hill, is chief technical officer for EnvolveAgency, the marketing agency specializing in social media marketing and white-label Web development that they started just to get an “A.”

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