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Aggie Football Players at the Huntsman School Drive Toward More Than One Goal

Kerwynn Williams

Kerwynn Williams is a running back.

Forrest Dabb

Forrest Dabb is a linebacker.

Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz is a kicker.

Bryan "BJ" Larsen is a defensive lineman.

Adam Kennedy

Adam Kennedy is a quarterback.

Josh Thompson

Josh Thompson is a kicker.

By Allie Jeppson

When Utah State University running back Kerwynn Williams sprints down the field with the football tucked safely away, his goal is quite obvious. His collegiate goals, however, go beyond hitting the end zone.

He said he fully intends to graduate, excel, and work in marketing after his time at USU is finished. Five other members of the team are Huntsman Students who also want to work in business.They are:

Forrest Dabb: linebacker - MBA
Nick Diaz: kicker - business administration
Bryan “B.J.” Larsen: defensive lineman  - general business
Adam Kennedy: quarterback – business administration
Josh Thompson: kicker - general business

All six Huntsman students now know what it’s like to be on a winning team. With wins against the University of Utah, Southern Utah University, Colorado State University, and the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Utah State University Football is looking forward to a good season.

Recently these Huntsman students talked about what business and the football field have in common. They said teamwork, leadership, perseverance, discipline, and accountability are all things learned on the field and in the classroom.

“I’d say the work ethic that you learn on the football field carries over into the classroom,” B.J. said. He added that the benefits flow both ways, and being a Huntsman student also enhances his performance in football.

“While you’re in the classroom in the Huntsman School of Business, you’re learning the things that will help you throughout your life. … The study habits that you get when you’re in school you get to carry over to the field,” said B.J., who earned an Academic All-WAC honor in 2011.

B.J. said that football players have to absorb, memorize, and understand their playbooks just like they have to internalize information in the classroom.

Senior quarterback Adam Kennedy drew a comparison between preparing for a game and getting ready for the competitive world students enter after graduation.

“Being part of the business school, the professors there really push you to be ready to go out into the real world and the job market,” he said.

Kerwynn said that football teaches people about clear communication and the necessity for teamwork.

“There are a lot of team projects that I’ve done in class,” he said. “You have to do your part to contribute to one thing, and while you don’t do the whole thing by yourself … you have to rely on the other people to do their job.”

This concept of relying on team members to do their duty is the same on the football field, he added.

“Communication is the most important part of being successful,” Kerwynn said. “You have to communicate with the people around you in order to get what you want done.”

B.J. said athletes have to manage their time well, a skill that will help them after they graduate.

“I’d say that (football) will help me in my career because being on a football team you have to learn time management and how to balance your life when you’ve got a bunch of things going on,” B.J said. “When I’m done with my collegiate career I’ll be able to balance everything in life, and I hope that an employer would be able to see that … and be able to say ‘oh he’s very reliable, a hard worker, and has determination.’”

Although it’s hard to know what the rest of the football season will hold for the Aggies, the confidence and expectations of this year’s team are higher than ever before, Adam said.

Photos courtesy of Utah State Athletics.

Junior defensive lineman B.J. Larsen (99) tackles Southern Utah's Brian Wilson (40) during Utah State's 34-3 win against Southern Utah.   

Senior running back Kerwynn Williams (25) runs past Utah's Eric Rowe (18) during Utah State's 27-20 overtime home win against the Utes. 

Senior quarterback Adam Kennedy (2) drops back for a pass during Utah State's 34-3 season-opening home win against Southern Utah.