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Three Huntsman Students Prove MBA is Within Reach Despite Odds

By Klydi Heywood

It’s difficult to give hard-working students everything they deserve, but that’s what the MBA program at the Huntsman School of Business is trying to do.

The Huntsman MBA program includes many diverse and unique students, all in various stages and circumstances in their lives. Many are returning to school after years in a career; others are single parents looking to embark on a stronger career path, and some are international students looking for that extra edge on their resume. When they graduate, many students are landing full-time jobs in their field of choice because of opportunities given to them through the MBA program. Here are three of those students.

Father of Three Goes to Graduate School

Bryce Huff owned his education and graduated with an MBA and valuable experience.

In 2010, Bryce Huff quit his job of five years at a bank, sold his home, and decided to further his education. First, he went to Oregon to obtain a master’s in conflict resolution, but after finishing there, Bryce came to the Huntsman School to earn his MBA.

“When I came through that door, I knew I wanted to be involved in everything I could,” Bryce said.

With his wife pregnant with their third son, Bryce endeavored to make the most of his MBA experience. He became the account manager for The Agency, an internal, student-run marketing group. It was because of his position with The Agency, as well as his involvement with the Entrepreneurship Club, that Bryce landed a full-time job when he graduated.

At a weekly lecture that Bryce helped to organize with the Entrepreneurship Club, Mike Glauser invited Jackie Butler, owner of Med Quest Pharmacy in North Salt Lake, to speak to the students. Med Quest is an innovative company that takes a scientific approach to prescribing  important health-supporting supplements.

“I sat next to her at the dinner and really reached out to her,” Bryce said, and after a recommendation letter from Dr. Glauser, Bryce was offered a position with the company.

Because he was so involved at the Huntsman School, “things are really starting to fall into place,” Bryce said.

An International Student Adds Business to Engineering

Samuel Mosquea went to school in Logan and...all over the world.

When Samuel Mosquea came to USU five years ago, he could not have imagined where the MBA program would take him.

Samuel came with a group of 100 students from the Dominican Republic in 2007. He received his undergraduate in aerospace engineering in 2011 and immediately started his MBA at the Huntsman School.

One thing Samuel enjoyed about his experience at the Huntsman school is the opportunity he has had to travel. He has visited countries such as China, Jordan, Israel, and South Korea, all because of the MBA program.

Samuel said that a lot of people told him that the skills of the MBA program would not contribute to his undergraduate engineering degree.

But Samuel strongly disagrees.

“I think the skills from engineering complement what I am learning at the school of business,” he said.

Samuel is a dedicated student who desires to be a leader.

“I think an engineer with a MBA can have a bigger impact,” Samuel said. “As an engineer you build things, but as a leader you can do that, plus more.”

Last October Samuel was invited to attend the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) in Anaheim, on behalf of the Huntsman School. The networking opportunities there led to a full-time job at Ernst & Young in Austin, Texas.

A Single Mom Perseveres to Get an MBA

Melinda Ryan seized the opportunity to work, earned an MBA, and did it while raising her son.

Melinda Ryan is another student whose life will be changed forever because of the MBA program. When Melinda finished an undergraduate at USU, she desired to go on and earn an MBA, but things weren’t that simple for her.

After getting a divorce her senior year at USU, Melinda needed to care for her son on her own. When she showed interest in earning her MBA at the Huntsman School, Dave Patel, assistant dean, worked to offer Melinda a full-time job with benefits and half tuition, so that she would be able to attend the MBA program here.

When fall came Melinda was working close to 50 hours a week, and her son was starting kindergarten.

“I thought I couldn’t do it,” Melinda said, “but I just put my head down and powered through.”

After thriving in networking opportunities with several companies and professionals introduced to her by the Huntsman School, she received a job in Seattle, WA., that she will be starting this month.

“It’s so hard to get ahead when everything is against you,” she said. “I am so fortunate and grateful for the faculty and all those who helped me get to where I am.”