Huntsman Post

Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence to Spark Innovation

By Connor Child

A new center at Utah State University that will offer an array of services to help aspiring entrepreneurs both on and off campus is expected to open later this month at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.

Mike Glauser, executive director of Entrepreneurial Programs at the Huntsman School, worked with Jim Davis, head of the Management Department, to create the center. He said he is eager to see students and others utilize the center to create thriving businesses.

“More people than ever before are trying to start and operate their own business,” Mike said. “Unfortunately, the failure rate is quite high. Our new Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence will help aspiring entrepreneurs increase their chances for success.”

The center will give students the opportunity to participate in competitions and learn basic principles of running a business. Budding entrepreneurs may also come to the center to get constructive feedback on ideas and build their network.

Mike, who is the founder of numerous successful startups such as Golden Swirl Management Company and Northern Lights, said the Huntsman School offers a host of resources that can help entrepreneurs. All of those resources will be concentrated and easily accessible at the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

“One of the best ways to learn about creating a new business is to hear from those who have done it before,” Mike said. “We have many faculty members at the Huntsman School who have a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. We look forward to helping local entrepreneurs succeed as they take advantage of the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence.”