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Graduates taught one last time at USU before moving on

Utah State University is a place that inspires alumni loyalty because of the unique mix of students and faculty who are there. Those who graduate should never minimize their accomplishment, and they should always value their degrees.

Those were among the final messages offered to graduates of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Commencement Ceremony on May 2, 2009.

Scott R. Watterson

Scott R. Watterson, the chairman and CEO of ICON Health and Fitness, gave the commencement address Saturday afternoon. He reminded the students that they had developed skills and core values that would affect them for the rest of their lives.

He talked about why it is important they recognize now how significant it was that they earned their degrees.

“Please don’t minimize your accomplishments,” he said. “You earned the degree. You own your degree. No one can take it away from you. It’s yours, and you are the finisher, and that will make the difference in your life as you achieve a pattern in life of setting goals and accomplishing goals. There are many who start and there are few who finish, and you are finishers; and you will make a big difference in the world that you are about to go into.”

Dean Douglas D. Anderson talked about why USU graduates are so loyal and why USU is a unique place.

“Several elements come together here at USU that I think make this an invigorating and rewarding place to be,” he said. “Our students come to us with a strong work ethic and a deeply embedded sense of integrity.”

Josh Kerkmann and Dean Douglas D. Anderson pose for a picture

 Dean Anderson said students come here because they are eager to learn, and they see Cache Valley as a “beautiful, safe, friendly and fun place to get a great education.”

“When you add to that mix outstanding professors who continue to learn from their research and to learn from the very students they guide along this educational path, some impressive things start to happen,” he said.

Dean Anderson said that more than 330 students have earned their bachelor’s degrees and the right to be called graduates of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business this spring. He said on May 1 there were than 110 Huntsman students who earned their master’s degree and were honored at the USU Graduate Commencement and Hooding Ceremony

The valedictorian for the Huntsman School of Business was Lacee Wilkey, and she suggested the students think about more than just their next vocational steps.

“As we have completed our education, we are closer to becoming what we want to be than ever before,” she said. “May I suggest that in addition to focusing on what we want to be when we grow up, we should carefully consider who we want to be when we grow up. That is, knowing what kind of person we want to be: What qualities and characteristics do we want to possess? How will we treat other people? People may or may not remember us for our successes in our professions, but I think they will remember how we treated them.”

Danielle Schaap, who majored in accounting, didn’t let a little rain get her down on graduation day.

In the Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony for Utah State University held Saturday morning, United States Senator Robert F. Bennett spoke and talked about the United States and its beginnings. He talked about the diverse mix of people in the country and how that has helped shape it.

“You can be proud to be an American in spite of all the terrible things that have happened here and there in America’s history,” he said. “The overall direction of America has been the right direction. We’ve had problems. We’ve had fits and starts, but ultimately we have moved in the right way.”

President Stan L. Albrecht also spoke in the Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony for USU.

“At yesterday’s graduate ceremony we awarded 470 graduate degrees,” he said. “Today, we are proud to confer bachelor’s degrees on 2,247 undergraduate students, 148 of whom are from our regional campuses. In December we awarded just over 2,000 degrees. Our graduates are from 33 states and 18 countries. Half of you are female and half are male. Our youngest graduate this year is 15. Our oldest graduate is 66 years old. The accomplishments of this graduating class are both impressive and far-ranging. We congratulate you on that.”

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