Huntsman Post

Partners In Business introduces a new week-long course for entrepreneurs

By Megan Starley, contributor

Although Utah leads the nation in entrepreneurial ventures each year, it also has the highest number of failed new businesses. The Partners In Business program at Utah State University now has help for the entrepreneur looking to beat the odds.

Partners In Business, part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, is introducing a new program, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Tools for Success.” The course will be held in conjunction with e-Week April 5-9, 2010. Giving entrepreneurs the skills they need to succeed to start their own businesses, the intensive week-long course will teach topics including writing business plans, presenting entrepreneurial pitches and developing marketing strategies, said Amy Merritt, Partners In Business assistant director.

The organization of the course allows for participants to learn in a classroom setting through lectures, interactive activities, presentations and analysis, she said. The course will be taught by Huntsman School of Business professors and successful entrepreneurs from off-campus. Included in the event will be the “Business Innovation Seminar” presented by Partners In Business April 7, providing even more opportunity for participants to make connections with mentors and other contacts, said Darcy Stewart, entrepreneurship seminar coordinator.

A limited number of participants will be accepted to ensure an interactive learning environment, but the April 7 seminar day is open to everyone and can be purchased separately. Special pricing options are available to USU alumni.