Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2007

New finance scholarship available

There will be one additional student next year who will be going to school on a scholarship, thanks to workers compensation.

No, the student need not be injured in any way to get the scholarship. The Workers Compensation Fund of Utah has donated $50,000 to fund an endowed scholarship for a student majoring in finance. The need-based scholarship requires that the student have at least a 3.5 grade point average.

Lane Summerhays
Lane Summerhays

The Workers Compensation Fund is an independent, quasi-public corporation that operates under the control of a private board of directors but serves, by legislative mandate, anyone in Utah in need of workers compensation insurance, according to Lane Summerhays, president and CEO of the organization.

"We are very committed to building and investing in the community," Summerhays said.

Utah State University is insured through the Workers Compensation Fund and the corporation wanted to recognize that relationship by investing in the students USU serves, he said. The Workers Compensation Fund has also contributed to a scholarship within the athletic program at USU, Summerhays said.