Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2007

Department changes its name to Management Information Systems

It's just one department tweaking its name, but the new name reflects deeper changes afoot in the Utah State University Jon M. Huntsman School of Business .

George S. Eccles Business Building
George S. Eccles Business Building

The Department of Business Information Systems has changed its name to the Department of Management Information Systems. The name change is a natural evolution that better reflects what is already being taught in the department. The department, however, is facing some unusual challenges. The demand for the department's graduates exceeds its supply.

The bust of the boom, the completion of Y2K work, the outsourcing of some routine IT work and industry downsizing led to an exodus of talent that is now sparking a "war for talent," according to John D. Johnson, the department head. Johnson said the demand for qualified management information systems graduates is high. In 1981 the name was changed from Business Education and Administration to Administrative Systems and Business Education. In 1988, because of the fast-moving events in computer technology as well as the need for specialists in using computer technology in business, the USU Board of Trustees and the Utah Board of Regents approved a name change to Business Information Systems and Education.

Today students graduating from management information systems often end up designing and managing complex IT systems, directing the electronic commerce efforts of a corporation, helping corporations get the right information needed to make business decisions or dealing with Internet security.