Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2010

Learning in action: from class to the court

Bo and Blake Nemelka (pictured on the cover) are, admittedly, hard to tell apart.

Both are marketing majors in the Huntsman School, with minors in international business. Both are entering their senior years at USU, are Huntsman Scholars and played for the USU Tennis team for one year before serving two-year LDS missions; one in Peru, the other in Mexico.

Blake Nemelka

Blake Nemelka, Photo by Russ Dixon

Until recently, Bo was the married one. Blake, however, was married in August, removing yet another distinction between the identical twins who quarterback the Great Work, Great Career program at USU.

Though they no longer play for the USU team, Bo said he and his brother are still very involved with tennis. In addition to their work for FranklinCovey and the Huntsman School, Bo and Blake host high school tennis clinics and work at Nike summer tennis camps.

Blake said the Great Work, Great Career course helped him look at different ways to make their tennis work more engaging for the athletes they coach.

“My favorite part of Great Work, Great Career was the creativity section,” Blake said. “You’ve got to keep it creative so you don’t fall into a routine.”

Blake said the need for creativity carries into almost every aspect of his life: from teaching tennis to high school students, to his studies at USU, to being a better husband and in time to applying to grad schools and to looking into careers.

Looking toward the future, Bo said that Great Work, Great Career has changed his thinking about the application process.

“I used to go into interviews thinking ‘what could this do for me?’” Bo said. “You should flip it, and that’s what Great Work, Great Career did. What can I do for them?”