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Fall 2010

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From Logan and distance education campuses across Utah to international programs in locations that literally span the globe, Huntsman School students around the world are enriching their academic and career experiences through hands-on learning, internships, research and collaborative programs. You don’t have to look hard to see powerful examples of the Huntsman Student Experience. This special section explores our talented students, dedicated faculty and staff, passionate alumni and the connections among them that contribute to a rewarding business school experience.

The Student Experience

The Huntsman Student Experience model illustrates the options available for a student to engage more fully with his or her educational experience. The foundation of the student experience is a rich and rigorous academic track that gives students the business acumen needed to launch a rewarding career. But the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business recognizes that there are many valuable lessons to be learned outside the classroom. The School provides career acceleration opportunities and extracurricular programs that create a large window of opportunity for its students.

Through internships, networking, interaction with alumni and great discovery experiences Huntsman School students gain insight into the world of business and more fully enrich their understanding of the concepts and ideas addressed in their various classes. Extracurricular programs provide students with opportunities to deepen their knowledge in specialized areas and find interdisciplinary connections as they engage in leadership roles, service projects, travel, research and innovation.

Each student at the Huntsman School is unique, forging his or her own path. By fully engaging in academic growth and the development of a personal sense of purpose, our students can be prepared for opportunities that will enhance their lives, align with their individual goals and aspirations and provide service to others.

Extracurricular Involvement