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Spring 2010

Recent speakers

Each time leaders come to campus to talk directly with students, staff and faculty, our connection to the business world grows stronger as we take advantage of our opportunities to learn from successful ethical leaders. We invite you to return to this page that we will continue to update with more information and photos about friends of the Huntsman School of Business.

Gary CrittendenGary Crittenden, former chief financial officer, Citigroup

“We’ve just gotten a gigantic cortisone shot, and the result of that is that we are out running. The economy is getting better and things are going to feel better. But I would wager that every person here realizes that it’s not sustainable.” – Gary Crittenden

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Kimo Esplin

 Kimo Esplin, chief financial officer, Huntsman Corporation

“Ask lots of people lots of questions. Ask people where they came from and what they did. If you do that, you’ll be able to think more about what there is out there and what your options are.” – Kimo Esplin

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Bill ChildsBill Child, chairman of the board, R.C. Willey Home Furnishings

“Bill Child represents the best of America. In matters of family philanthropy, business or just plain citizenship, anyone who follows in his footsteps is heading true north.” – Warren Buffet

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Eric HippleEric Hipple, former USU and NFL quarterback

“Understand how to manage your stress and how to use it - just like with fear and how you use fear. Reframe it and turn it into something positive. Take all the energy that you have got and release it into something positive.” – Eric Hipple

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Joe CannonJoe Cannon, editor of the Deseret News

“There is way too much noise in our lives.”

“You’ve got to take the earplugs out. You’ve got to turn the TV off. You’ve got to turn the radio off. You’ve got to get by yourself and just think.” – Joe Cannon

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Christine BuckleyChristine Buckley, chief financial officer, Swire Coca-Cola

“You need to set your moral clock before you are in the situation. The world is not black and white. There are a lot of gray issues and some are important and some aren’t. But I know when I go into certain situations what I will and won’t do.” – Christine Buckley


Rosario BazanRosario Bazán, CEO of Dan Per

“You cannot talk about social responsibility when you are not being responsible for your own people. Many companies make beautiful announcements of social responsibility with their community; but internally, they are not being good to their own people.” – Rosario Bazán

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Michael Useem

Michael Useem, director of the Center for Leadership and Change Management at the Wharton School, University of Pennslyvania

Michael Useem, the author of The Leadership Moment, The India Way: How India’s Top Business Leaders Are Revolutionizing Management, The Go Point: When It’s Time to Decide and several other books, spoke with faculty and students in March 2010. He is also the William and Jacalyn Egan Professor of Management at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


Padma VenkataramPadma Venkataraman, Rising Star Outreach
(Rising Star Outreach is a Salt Lake City organization that works to help Leprosy colonies become thriving, self-sufficient communities.)

"Since partnering with Rising Star, she has increased the micro-lending to include more colonies and more individuals, initiated the reconstruction of a residential home for leprosy affected people and been very instrumental in the creation of the new Rising Star Outreach Children's School and Homes." - Rising Star Web page

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