Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2010

Letters From You

Dear Editor:

I love the new Huntsman Alumni Magazine! Thank you for producing such a high-quality product.

Brian W. Hunsaker, ‘89, finance
Bountiful, UT

Dear Editor:

One of the last courses I took at USU was a new distance education class called Com-Net. The classroom resembled a television studio more than a regular classroom, and the instructor explained that we would be joined electronically to other classmates throughout the State of Utah. We only had an audio link, but I remember thinking how high-tech it was — we all felt like pioneers who were enhancing the delivery channels for higher education.

Fast forward to 2010. After completing the first year of college at USU, my daughter returned home to Southern California and went to work for the Disney Corporation. Her summer position was extended; and despite her love for her USU, she decided to continue her employment for a year before returning to Logan. Rather than having to choose between two passions, (USU and Disney), Rachel contacted her counselor at the Huntsman School and they were able to show her how she could continue her education at USU by enrolling in on-line classes. Unlike Com-Net of 1991, she simply logs on to a virtual USU classroom from anywhere, at anytime and dressed in anything (even a Disney costume).

In fall 2010, Rachel plans to return to Logan to continue with her degree in marketing and public relations. She will not only go back having continued her formal education, she will now have practical experience that adds relevance to her endeavor.


Gene N. Dunford, ‘91, marketing
Whittier, CA

Dear Editor:

I enjoyed reading the last edition of the Huntsman Alumni Magazine, especially the article about Mr. Shingo and his appearance at the Shingo Conference in Nashville. Our company, Autoliv, won the Shingo Prize this year, and I’m proud to let you know there are many Aggies who shared this award at Autoliv.

Dave Anderson, ‘93, accounting
Ogden, UT

Dear Editor:

As evidenced by this magazine, USU and the Huntsman School of Business seem to be thriving. I grew up in North Logan, so my roots go deep into Cache Valley and Utah State University; and, although I have not lived in Logan for over 22 years, I return frequently to visit family. Last Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to go to lunch and renew a lost friendship with Paul Fjeldsted, a fellow USU graduate and now professor at the Huntsman School of Business. Paul and I attended USU together; and, as we reminisced about our time at USU and our careers since, many memories came back, giving us a sense of appreciation for the school that became our foundation.

Since our conversation I have wanted to take a few minutes and recognize the school for the progress it has obviously made in terms of academics and professionalism and the strong connections it is developing with the business community. I have always been proud of the education I received at USU. It served me well as I started my career on Wall Street, then attended business school at the University of Chicago, and then began my subsequent career in M&A consulting, which I continue today. USU graduates should feel like nothing is beyond their reach if they have a strong enough desire and work hard toward their goals.

Blair Mumford, ‘87, finance
Humble, TX


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