Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2008

Dale and Ruth Bowen fund three scholarships

Dale and Ruth Bowen are no longer with us, but their support for college students that was such a big part of their lives continues on thanks to three scholarships they set up.

Dale Bowen, ’34, business administration, passed away in 2007. Ruth Owens Bowen, ’36, sociology, died in 2004.

Dale and Ruth Bowen

Ruth, with the support of her husband, sold her parents home and established a scholarship endowment fund for the Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences Department in 1992 as a memorial to her parents, William W. and Clotilda Maria Woodyatt Owens. William Owens, ’16, animal science and, ’27, master’s in economics, worked for USU for 32 years and directed the Utah Extension Service from 1942 - 1948. He was also mayor of Logan from 1950 – 1958.

Dale and Ruth Bowen also established the George B. and Edna S. Bowen Scholarship in 2001 to honor Dale's parents. George Bowen was chairman of the board of the Cache County Chamber of Commerce from 1921 – 1923. He owned the Cache Valley Common Company and the Logan Distributing Company.

Dale and Ruth also set up the Dale S. and Ruth O. Bowen Endowed Scholarship in 2007 that is now supported with an estate gift. Dale Bowen was the first person to be named a “practitioner in residence” at the Huntsman School of Business in 1979 after he retired as a partner at Touche Ross International.

Janis Bowen Fowler, daughter of Dale and Ruth, said that her parents were firm believers in the importance of continuing education.

“They felt indebted to their parents for their own education,” she said. “It was only natural they felt the best way to honor the memory of their parents was to give more young students the opportunity to move forward in their own educational pursuits.”