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Students create 'flash marketing' business model

The Utah Statesman

By Cale Patterson

Some business students hope to succeed in their eventual careers and have little real-world experience before graduating. Three students from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business have experienced success in business long before their degrees at USU are finished. 

After Kevin Schmidt, a senior majoring in entrepreneurship, and two other students came up with an idea which allowed companies to maket and advertise in a college demographic without limits from the university, the Flash Marketing Group or "iwannashirt" was born. 

Schmidt and his partners Jarom Heaps, a managerial economics and finance major, and Jeff Nelson, who majors in accounting, thought their varied educational disciplines would be beneficial in a business venture. 

Schmidt is the company's chief executive officer, Nelson the chief financial officer and Heaps the chief operating officer. 

Using business logo-bearing t-shirts, games and prizes, Schmidt said they are able to market ideas and products to college students rapidly and effectively. 

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