StuKent RealDeal Simulation Marketing Competition


  • Monday October 20th 6:30 pm (BUS 215)
    Competition Kickoff Stukent

  • Tuesday October 21st
    Webinar 25th 8:00-9:00 pm
    Practice Round Ends at Midnight

  • Wednesday October 22nd
    Round 1 ends at 12 noon
    Webinar at 8:00-9:00 pm
    Round 2 ends at midnight

  • Thursday October 23rd
    Report on Standings
    Round 3 ends at 12 noon
    Report on Standings
    Round 4 ends at midnight

  • Friday October 24th
    First thing Friday morning, report on Standings
    Round 5 ends at 11 am
    12 noon, Award Ceremonies Netmark presentation

Are you a person who feels they are pretty good at E-Marketing? Even if you are or are not this is a great chance for you to learn and build your resume! During Business week, which is happening October 20-24th, you will have the chance to participate in The World's first ever Stukent E-Marketing simulation!

Employers want students with experience. The Real Deal simulation is a place for students to compete with their peers in an online ad competition and while being tested in an onsite SEO simulation.

Targeted Ads

Learn and test techniques to create compelling ads through organized ad groups and campaigns. Students will gain experience in writing ad copy that increases conversions.

Landing Page Optimization

Students learn how to quickly create keyword targeted landing pages to drive web traffic. Each landing page will be scored based on keyword titles and call-to-actions. Students will be able to continually test their landing page effectiveness while striving to increase optimal performance. The best part about the landing page creator is students don't need to know a single line of HTML code! It's as easy as dragging and dropping components!

Keyword Research

Learn the proper methods to find the best keywords that will drive the most traffic to a webpage while also keeping cost-per-clicks down to maximize the marketing budget. The keyword research dashboard will have similarities to the Google® Keyword Planner, thus providing another unique real world experience through the RealDeal Simulation.

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