2013 -2014 Club Leaders

Executive Team

Brock Champlin - Club President

Brock graduated from Utah State University in Psychology in 2008 and is starting a dual master program in Fall 2013. He will be receiving a Master of Science in Human Resources and Master of Business Administration in 2015. Brock has wife and daughter (Blakely)  enjoy movies, sports, and getting to know people.

Brock Champlin

Gavin Johnson- Vice President of Marketing

Gavin is a junior studying marketing at Utah State. Gavin has the desire for unity and for opportunities to be helpful to others. He loves to learn new things and for the opportunity to grow. He loves making goals and will work till the goal is met. He loves meeting new people and getting to know their story. He has always been involved in team sports since he was 5 years old. He played for the USU baseball team and won the National title in 2012. He loves being involved with a team and finds great reward when his team is successful. He is married to a beautiful woman named Hayley and enjoys spending time with her and his family.

Spencer Stevens

Adam Weston - Vice President of Operations

Adam is a junior studying Business Administration. Adam has a drive and perseverance that has allowed him to accomplish many goals and achievements in his life. Since his dad, uncles, and grandfather own many local businesses, entrepreneurship has always been a big part of his life. Since entrepreneurship runs in Adam’s family he has a strong desire to start his own business as well. Adam has been married for about a year and currently lives in River Heights. When he has free time he usually enjoys anything to do with outdoors including hiking, fishing, and camping.

Adam Weston

Brekke Van - Vice President of Business Development

Brekke Van Slyke is a current MBA Student at the Huntsman School of Business and is transfer student from New Mexico State University where she majored in Chemical Engineering and Minored in Nuclear Power. As a student she has several years work experience as a R&D Engineer doing projects for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The Department of Homeland Security, The Center for Disease Control, and the Shimadzu Corporation. She enjoys reading, the outdoors, and making her own jewelry.

Brekke Van

Design Team

Brian Karchner - Design Leader

Brian Kartchner grew up in South Jordan, Utah and from a very young age has tried to make a buck varying from lemonade stands to mowing lawns. Having a father who is an entrepreneur himself, entrepreneurship is something that he has been raised with and has been a large part of his life.

Since childhood, Brian has done several entrepreneurial activities from window cleaning companies to website marketing. Aside from his entrepreneurial pursuits, Brian is also an Army veteran having served a tour of duty in Iraq. He now is currently studying Sociology with a minor in business and is working toward getting into the MBA program at Utah State University.

Brian Karchner

Jeffrey Lewis - Design Assistant

While in high school, Jeff got bit by the entrepreneurship bug. As he worked for a local entrepreneur in Spanish Fork, Utah, he developed skills in web design, graphic design, SEO, and outsourcing management. He enjoys seeing the visual side of business ideas come to life. Jeff is studying Mechanical Engineering and plans to add an MBA through the Huntsman School as well.

Jeffrey Lewis

Stephen Boettcher - Director of Graphic Design and Other Projects

Stephen Boettcher is a programmer, artist, and tinker. He has devoted his life to creating, from legos to web design, and he hopes to keep on creating for the rest of his life. His hobbies include skiing, weekend LAN parties, overnight game-making contests, and generally geeking out. Stephen came to Utah State from Sandy where he was born and raised. He is studying computer science and game design, to one day achieve his elementary school dream of making video games.

Stephen Boettcher

Consulting Team

Vishal Patel - Team Leader

Vishal was born and brought up in Gujarat, a state in the north-west of India. His dad owned and ran a small clock manufacturing company and this is where he gets his taste of entrepreneurship. Vishal has a bachelor's degree in Electronics and has worked for 4 years as an SAP Consultant. Currently pursuing a master's degree in MIS, Vishal will be graduating in Spring 2014. He also holds a position in USU International Student Council as a VP for Public Relations. When it comes to beliefs, Vishal admits being totally old school and would choose ethics and hard work over everything else.

Vishal Patel

Innovation Team

Innovation - Team Leader

I am studying exercise science for my bachelors degree. I attended the opening E-club social in 2012 for the free food and got hooked being a part of the club. I decided to get the Entrepreneur minor and attended the lecture series which solidified my desire of being an entrepreneur. After graduating I plan on getting my MBA. I am working on starting my first business and my hobbies include mountain biking, camping, boating at local lakes, making log furniture, being a firearm enthusiast, horseback riding with the wife and an unquenchable desire for Dr.Pepper and Mexican food from taco trucks.

Casey Staley