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Posted by: Brent Meacham on Apr 25, 2011

Part of Project Progress show—-Diagrams

I am so glad to share our team work with you.

Our team is developing the Shingo Cultural Online Performance Evaluation system.
This system generates online surveys that help companies realize how they can improve their business processes by adhering to lean manufacturing principles. Everything Shingo, our client, does surround this idea of helping companies adhere to these principles.

Now, to help you better understand our diagrams, let me tell you the four actors involved:

  1. Being the Shingo organization
  2. The company official who initiates the request to have its company assessed
  3. The HRO or high ranking official from the company, who may or may not be involved with this system
  4. The employees of the company who will participate in the survey

We used some diagrams to show you the overall activities involved, some on certain activities and some on others.

  1. the class diagram from the participants’ perspective
  2. the activity diagram from the initiator and participants’ perspectives
  3. the use-case diagrams as a general overview
  4. the sequence diagram as another overview.

This is Activity Diagram – Initiator

Activity Diagram – Participant

Use-Case Diagram

Sequence Diagram


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