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Posted by: Brent Meacham on May 3, 2011


The MIS department’s website in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business states, “the Department of MIS has created a hands-on learning environment to allow students access to the latest hardware and software tools which provide them with a state of the art education.” CEBA is visible evidence that the MIS faculty and staff here at Utah State are dedicated to making that statement a reality. It is also evidence that the students in the MIS program are becoming the individuals they need to be in order to compete with college graduates from all over the country.

A recent article published by Ken Laudon of New York University’s Stern School of business said, “Changes in consumer demand, improvements in technology, the rise and fall of industries and entire sectors of the economy, and many other factors, will contribute to the changing employment structure of the U.S. economy. Employment growth in IS/MIS jobs will be about 50% greater than average job growth in other fields.” With that career outlook, it is vital that a program provides the resources necessary for students to become professionals. The Center for Electronic Commerce and Business Analytics does just that. Students in the MIS department in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business are becoming students who have skills superior to those of their peers.


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