“As a recruiter for Ernst & Young, I consider BAP one of my greatest resources to find quality talent on campus. When looking for quality accounting candidates, I look first to those who actively participate in BAP. I want candidates who not only have great academics, but who are actively involved in extracurricular activities and who are leaders among their peers. I have found that those candidates who regularly participate in BAP tend to be those who are the leaders and who are best at multi-tasking and prioritizing their schedules. Additionally, BAP provides its members with excellent learning and service opportunities that help round out an individual's academic experience.”

- Joni Lusty, Recruiter, Ernst & Young

“It has been our experience, after many years of recruiting at USU and other universities, that our top candidates are more often than not involved in Beta Alpha Psi. Many serve in leadership positions in the chapters. As a result, in our prescreening and other analysis of resumes, we make particular note of whether students are involved in Beta Alpha Psi. In our view, this involvement while in school is an indicator of the degree of involvement a person is likely to have in the profession after graduation.”

- Denton R. Alexander, Hawkins Cloward & Simister, LC, Orem, Utah

“Almost without exception, the students active in BAP are better prepared, have an enhanced knowledge of the industry, and seem more confident. I can’t imagine why a student would not take advantage of such a great opportunity.”

- Mark Erickson, Partner, Tanner, LC

“KPMG has participated in multiple BAP events over the years. Through these events we have had the opportunity to become acquitted with a number of students who are interested in a career in public accounting. While it’s not a requirement of our firm for students to be members of organizations such as BAP, we certainly have developed relationships with students earlier on in their schooling through this association. I believe it’s a great organization for students to consider participating in!”

- Ruth Olsen, Campus Recruiting Manager, KPMG LLP