If you were notified that your tax return is ready for pickup and authorization for e-filing, you may come to the School of Accountancy office on the 8th floor of the Business Building to sign and receive your copies.

If you have not been notified and have questions, please email us at

Wednesday, March 18 Fast-Track - 11:30am -12:30 pm on the 8th floor of the Business building

Thursday, March 19 Fast-Track - 6-7 pm in BUS 116 (Near computer labs in Basement)

VITA Fast-Track and the live clinic will be closed for spring break beginning March 6 and will re-open on March 18 for Fast-Track and March 21 for the live clinic.

Gather your documents and get ready for more efficient service through the Fast-Track VITA program!  Available during the Wednesday common hour in the Bus Bldg lobby and Thursday evenings in BUS 116, VITA experts will take in your information, prepare and review your tax return, contacting you as needed during the process.  Return to sign authorization for electronic filing and/or receive your paper tax return copies.  Find out more about FAST-TRACK service here:  

Information for u.s. residents

To see important information for U.S. residents.

information for non-u.s. residents and foreign students

The payroll office has issued 1042-S forms for international students - VITA administrators can check if form was issued if you aren't sure.

Special circumstances and requirements exist for non-U.S. residents and foreign students.  At the USU VITA Site we make it a point to serve the international members of our community.  For us to do so, please review and follow the important information for non-resident tax returns.

things for everyone to bring:

  • Social Security Card or ITIN – Must bring the actual card for each person on the return, not just the number or a copy.  
  • Photo ID – Filers must bring valid photo ID.
  • Tax Forms – All W-2’s from employers, tuition statement (1098) from the university, and any other tax related documents.
  • IRS VITA Intake Form – To speed up the process, please fill out and print off this form prior to coming. Please click one of the following to be directed to the appropriate form: Resident form in English, Resident form in Spanish, Non Resident form in English. We will also have these forms to fill out at the site if you cannot print them.

times and location:

  • The USU VITA Site is open on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
  • No need to make an appointment, just bring your identification and forms on the following dates:
  • February 7, 14, 21, 28   March 21, 28
  • The USU VITA Site is located on the Utah State University campus in the basement of the Business Building. The lab is in room B120 in the southeast corner.

*Note that the lab closes at 1 p.m. - if many taxpayers are waiting service for new arrivals may cut off well before noon.  Please arrive early and consider the Fast-Track dropoff service when lines are long.

All documents will be checked by a screener and when complete, the return will be assigned to an appropriate volunteer. Service is given on a first come first served basis. If you’re returning to the lab for problem resolution, please check in with the screener for quicker service.  Please be aware that arrival before closing time does not guarantee service on that date.


Just email us any questions at