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Peter M. Goble – B.S., Accounting, 2004; MBA, 2010

Herald Journal

In a freezing winter wonderland surrounded by stately homes in Logan’s Lundstrom Park neighborhood, a group of kids are melting hearts with their charitable hot cocoa stand. When the Goble children heard about 17-year-old Noah Sparks of Preston being paralyzed in a car crash Oct. 22, they wanted to help and came up with a hot cocoa stand, explained Peter Goble, their father. “I think the snow got them excited to make hot chocolate,” Peter said. Peter’s five children — Cole, Grace, Charlie, Bella and Mack — and a couple of friends are taking turns manning the hot chocolate booth set up in their front yard, a sturdy little house outfitted with windows and a small serving window. The renovated chicken coop is on loan from their grandparents. The hot cocoa stand sells hot cider, homemade cookies donated by their grandmother’s friend and coupon books from Angie’s Restaurant. The kids raised more than $300 last week and plan to stay open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Peter said. While part of the money from sales of coupon books will go to Angie’s, the rest of the funds raised will be presented to Sparks to help pay for medical expenses. “I think when we take the money to him, he’ll have a huge smile on his face,” said 10-year-old Grace. Jayla Sparks, 11, agreed. “I think it’s a good cause,” she said. The Goble kids’ mother, Alexis Goble, said she has always tried to teach her children to serve others. “It’s just been heartwarming to see how excited they are and how hard they’ve worked to do this for someone else,” Alexis said. Doing something good for someone else feels nice, said 13-year-old Cole. “I could imagine being paralyzed from the neck down,” Cole said. “It would be really nice to see someone do this for me.”