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USU School of Accounting Obtains Exclusive World-Wide Rights to Offer Online Course via - May 2011

Through an exclusive world-wide license with, USU and The School of Accountancy now offer a 3 semester hour online course for Financial Accounting Principles (Accounting 2010).  This is a carefully designed, high quality course, and provides enrollees full access to the online textbook, videos, and supplements.  Tuition covers all required costs, including full access to the online textbook, resulting in significant cost savings for the student.  Students will be assigned a professor who will monitor progress and provide personalized feedback and assessment.

USU deploys market-leading solutions for online education, and has a very simple platform for enrollment from anywhere in the world.  Enrollees are not required to visit the campus, and they can begin the course at anytime.  Students have up to one year to complete the curriculum.  High school students can get a jump start on earning college credit via this program.  

USU was founded in 1888, and is an accredited, Tier 1 research institution.  Utah State’s accredited status means that course credits are easily transferrable to most other universities in the USA and around the world.