OSS Courses

OSS 1050 - Bookkeeping Essentials - 3 credits

Overview of accounting concepts, with special emphasis on practical applications. Taught only as a special extension course as requested.

OSS 1060 - Introduction to Personal Financial Planning - 1-3 credits

Introduction to concepts of financial planning for individuals. Taught only as a special extension course as requested.

OSS 1110 - Keyboarding - 2 credits

For students with no previous keyboarding experience. Designed so student can touch type and learn basic concepts related to word processing and document formatting.

OSS 1400 - Microcomputer Applications - 3 credits

Introduction to operating systems, word processing, Internet, graphics, database, and spreadsheet applications.

OSS 1410 - Special Topics - 1-3 credits

Selected topics related to using computers.

Repeatable for credit.

OSS 1420 - Word Processing Applications - 3 credits

Word processing software instruction designed for office applications. Emphasizes creating business documents and improving keyboarding skills. Assumes ability to keyboard by touch at a minimum of 50 wpm.

OSS 1450 - Financial Software for Small Business Applications - 3 credits

Instruction in the use of small business accounting software.

Prerequisite/Restriction: OSS 1050 or equivalent.

OSS 1550 - Business Correspondence - 3 credits

Development and application of effective business writing skills, emphasizing business correspondence. Includes thorough review of grammar, spelling, and punctuation related to business correspondence.

OSS 2300 - Data Communications and Networking - 3 credits

Emphasizes data communications in a LAN and WAN networking environment. Includes network protocols, cable technology, telecommunications standards, security issues, and general telecommunications management issues.

Prerequisite/Restriction: OSS 1400

OSS 2400 - Web Design Applications - 3 credits

Design, development, and evaluation of documents for electronic media utilizing the wordwide web.

Prerequisite/Restriction: OSS 1400

OSS 2450 - Spreadsheets and Databases - 3 credits

Use of spreadsheets and databases to accomplish application development.

Prerequisite/Restriction: OSS 1400

OSS 2500 - Visual Basic Applications - 3 credits

Designed to teach nontechnical students to develop application solutions using Visual Basic. Features of Microsoft Access requiring knowledge of Visual Basic are introduced.

Prerequisite/Restriction: OSS 2450.

OSS 2520 - Integrating Office Technology - 3 credits

Advanced applications of office technology for production of business documents, emphasizing efficient use of word processing, graphics, and desktop publishing.

Prerequisite/Restriction: OSS 1400

OSS 2600 - Office Procedures - 3 credits

Finishing course which integrates office knowledge and skills. Applies administrative activities which are part of the office process.

Prerequisite/Restriction: OSS 2520; OSS 1550 or MIS 3200.

OSS 2800 - Principles of Selling - 2 credits

Focuses on the sales process, including prospecting, qualifying customers, planning and delivering the sales presentation, overcoming objections, closing the sale, and satisfying the customer’s needs.