MBA Global Learning Experience

Students in the Utah State MBA programs are encouraged to participate in the global learning experience. This experience takes students inside individual companies and industries abroad and gives an overview of the broader economic, political, social, and cultural factors that influence business opportunities and practice.

In order to become tomorrow's business leaders, students must gain knowledge, experience and skills that allow them to operate successfully within the context of a global business environment. The MBA global learning experience provides an opportunity to learn first-hand how globalized businesses work. Students meet with managers and directors in a variety of companies that share their challenges, successes, and strategic business plans, noting how they maintain their brand while operating in diverse cultural and economic environments.

Past students have had the chance to learn first hand the unique demands and regulations in Japan, India, China, Israel, Panama, Chile, Poland, Estonia, England, Italy, and many other countries around the globe.

global students visit construction company
group photo of global students visiting company