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Future Student

To be directly admitted to the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business complete the following:

Step 1: Apply to Utah State University and select a business major

Step 2: Meet ONE of the following requirements*:

  • Top 10% of high school class
  • 3.7+ High School GPA
  • 28+ ACT/1250+ SAT score
  • 3.5+ High School GPA AND 24+ ACT/1090+ SAT score
    • Accounting majors: 3.6+ High School GPA and 26+ ACT/1170+ SAT

*Students planning on being directly admitted into the Huntsman School of Business have until the start of fall semester of their freshman year to meet one of the four requirements

**If you do not meet the future freshman admission requirements you can complete the USU Student admission requirements once attending Utah State. While completing these requirements you will be designated as “undeclared – business” until formally admitted into the Huntsman School.

USU Admissions Application

Key Benefits - Immediate Access to the Following:


Each year the Huntsman School awards over $1.5 million in scholarships to undergraduate students. These scholarships provide a wide variety of benefits that can help you make the most of your college experience. As a direct admit you may be eligible to receive an enrollment scholarship for your freshman year here at the Huntsman School.

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Business Courses

As a freshman you will have access to a wide variety of courses in the business school. This way, you will be able to more easily manage your schedule of courses you need to take to get you on track with your plan. You will also be able to balance out your acumen courses with your major courses beginning your very first semester.

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Academic Advisor

From the moment you are directly admitted into the Huntsman School you will be able to make an appointment to talk with an academic advisor. Instead of having to work with an Undeclared Business Advisor, you will get to counsel with an advisor that specifically works with Huntsman students. Our advisors know exactly how to manage your classes here at Huntsman to get you where you want to go.

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22 Clubs and Organizations

We have 22 clubs and organizations here at the Huntsman School. Each organization focuses on providing students with experiences outside of the classroom. These programs offer you volunteer opportunities, leadership positions, and ways to make money while being a student. As a direct admit you will have thorough access to apply to and/or join whichever ones you may choose!

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