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Minor in Operations Management

Logan Advising

Advisor: Erin Bergeron
Office: Business 309
Phone Number: 435.797.2272






Minor Requirements (At least 12 Credits)

Note: An overall GPA of 2.67, 40 completed credits and acceptance into a degree program is required for enrollment in any business course 3000 level or higher. A GPA of at least 2.5 must be obtained over the courses in the minor. A student from outside the Huntsman School who desires to pursue any of these minors must recognize that there may be prerequisites to the required courses.

Revised 5.5.14

Course Number Course Name Semesters Taught Credits
MGT 3700 Operations Management (B- or Better) Prerequisites: STAT 2000, 2300 or 3000 F, Sp, Su 3
MGT 4720 Production Planning and Control Sp 2
MGT 4740 Process Analytics and Development F 2
MGT 4790 Managing Global Value Chains F, Sp 2
MGT 5730 Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement F, Sp 2
Choose One of the Following:  
MGT 3250 Introduction to Human Resource Management F, Sp 3
MGT 3710 Team Management F, Sp 2