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Minor in Finance

Finance Minor IconThe Finance Minor provides students training in the basic analytical skills of financial management and investment. Students with a background in finance can have a competitive advantage when faced with complex business issues. Whether or not students pursue a career in finance, this minor can strengthen their ability to make sound financial decisions.

Minor Requirements (18 Credits)

A GPA of at least 2.50 must be obtained over the five courses in the Finance Minor.

(Rev 12.1.14)

Course Number Course Name Credits
FIN 3200 Financial Management (B-) 3
FIN 3400 Corporate Finance (B-) 3
FIN 4410 Financial Institutions 3
FIN 4460 Investments 3

Choose two courses from the following:

ECN 5600 Financial Economics 3
FIN 4300 International Finance 3
FIN 4420 Insurance 3
FIN 4430 Real Estate Finance 3
FIN 4450 Advanced Corporate Finance 3
FIN 4480 Derivatives Market 3
FIN 4495 or 4490 Investment Banking or Hedge Fund & Private Equity 3
FIN 5250 Banking Regulation 3
FIN 5440 Cases in Finance 3

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