Full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA)

One Year

The mission of our one-year, full-time MBA program is to provide students with a relevant and rigorous background in business subject matter, to increase student problem-solving and critical analysis skills, and to develop the next generation of business leaders.

We offer a condensed program that focuses on the relevant and rigorous content to train our students to lead, manage, and improve business performance. Huntsman MBAs receive hands-on experience with real-world projects to commercialize profitable ideas faster, cheaper, and more successfully.


Admission to the Full-Time MBA Program is competitive and based on available space.  For information and to begin the admissions process, requirements and deadlines visit the "Apply Now" page.

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Global Learning Experience

In order to become tomorrow’s business leaders, all full-time students gain knowledge, experiences, and skills through their Global Learning Experience. Each experience includes visits to outstanding businesses and gives students the opportunity to network with C-level leaders and directors. Students develop an enlarged understanding of global business practices and challenges as well as global interconnectedness and interdependencies. Finally, the required experience provides each student with an opportunity to build their résumé and tell a compelling global story.

Huntsman Advantage

The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is AACSB accredited and recruits top professors from universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Pepperdine, and Notre Dame. Students are offered a number of scholarship opportunities and in-state tuition opportunities and non-resident waivers for out-of-state students.

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Program Options


The MBA degree provides students with a relevant and rigorous background in business subject matter, increases problem-solving and critical analysis skills, and develops the next generation of business leaders.


The MHR/MBA dual degree is customized for those who want to combine a breadth of business knowledge with a depth of HR specialization.


The MMIS/MBA dual degree enhances your understanding of management and the organizational decision-making process from data visualization to predictive analytics.

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