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Student Success Stories Testimonials

Jill Richardson

"The career coaches at The FJ Management Center for Student Success are brilliant.

Maren Stromberg, my career coach, was an amazing help for me on my internship hunt. During a spring semester, Maren helped me narrow down a few dream companies I would love to intern for. She used her many global connections to message recruiters my resumé, which she edited 'til it sparkled.

When I heard back from a few recruiters requesting an interview, I was ecstatic. I was in Spain during one of these requests, and the recruiter wanted an interview the next day. I emailed Maren and she got back to me right away, even when we were continents apart. She sent me sample interview questions and critiqued my answers.

It's amazing to see how much Maren cared about me. She followed me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and even called me one afternoon when a Google visitor came to the Huntsman School, so she could meet me personally."

-- Jill Richardson - Marketing Major, May 2018

Eliza LinThe FJ Management Center has helped me prepare for my career. They have great staff who genuinely care and are always are willing to help. My advisor has helped me plan out my college plan which has kept me on the right track to graduate and a career coach has helped me prepare my resume to apply for my dream internship positions. I am so grateful to have it so conveniently here on campus.

-- Eliza Lin - Marketing & Business Administration Majors & HR Management Minor, May 2019






Steve WilcoxFor as long as I can remember, working for The Walt Disney Company was a dream of mine. I recently accepted a Marketing Strategy Internship with Disney Vacation Club in Florida at the Walt Disney World Headquarters.

While studying at Utah State University, I strived to make myself a worthy candidate for Disney, understanding the competitive nature of the hiring process. I am grateful for the opportunities Utah State University provided for me. This dream could not have been realized without the help of many USU friends. Maren Stromberg and the Career Development Offices Team at the Huntsman School of Business are some of the best Career Development providers in the state. The USU Involvement Office for providing me with many leadership and involvement opportunities. The Huntsman School of Business administration, Kim Larson and Dave Patel for being great mentors to me. Several of my Professors who helped me find my analytical rigor. Then, of course, all the teams, committees, groups, and friends I have been with throughout my time.

I am now working with top marketing professionals that attended Columbia, Stanford, and many other competitive schools around the nation. Students from USU really do have as much potential and opportunities as these other schools. Here is some advice I would give to our Aggies:

Don’t be afraid of what you want. Too often I heard “I’m not going to apply, it is too competitive!” Not true, if I can do it, anybody can.

Become a “well-rounded” student. Be involved in your academics and extracurricular activities. Employers want both, and if I did not have both on my resume, I would not have made it past the first step.

Be proud of your Aggie heritage, don’t think that USU students are not as qualified as Harvard, Yale, or Stanford students. That is simply not true!

Work hard every day, do not let a day go by without putting forth your best, quality work.

The best thing you can learn at Utah State University is how to become a good person. In the end, it is not what you learned or what you did, it is how you will be remembered. Always be a good person.

Thank you again Utah State University! I could not have done this without you.

-- Steve Wilcox - International Business & Marketing Majors, May 2016