Tips and Tricks to Navigate Handshake

Aggie Handshake is the university’s job search platform for on and off-campus jobs. Employers who want to hire Aggies are directed to post their job description on Handshake, which makes it a one-stop location for all opportunities.

We have created six tips to help you navigate Aggie Handshake and find the perfect job since it’s not always easy to know how to filter and find what you are looking for.

Update Your Profile

Having a completed profile is important because the Handshake software will show you more applicable jobs based on the fields you fill out. Make sure to include your major(s), expected graduation month and year, and GPA.

Employers also like to see your past job experiences, extracurriculars, skills, relevant courses, and projects. Filling out these fields makes it easier for employers to reach out to students whose information matches what they are looking for.

Apply Filters to Searches

Filtering to see the jobs that interest you takes a little practice and experimentation. Filters are great at narrowing down what you want from a job, but they can also severely restrict your results. Try searching multiple times under slightly different filters to see a complete list of jobs that work for you. Only fill out those filters that are necessary for your situation. For example, if you do not care where you work, leave the location filter empty. Testing out different filters will let you see a more thorough list of jobs available to you. We recommend reaching out to your career coach to learn important key words for the types of positions you’re looking for.

Utilize the Handshake Suggestion Software

Looking at the suggested jobs that Handshake displays is a great way to find new opportunities that may have been excluded based on your filtered fields. The jobs listed in the ‘Similar Jobs’ section will include jobs with similar titles, locations, or companies. This is a great way to find out about more opportunities. There are several ways to optimize the jobs shown in the ‘Similar Jobs’ section listed at the bottom of each job page.

First, save jobs that interest you, even if you are not going to apply for them. Handshake will start showing you jobs like those you have saved in your profile. It is also convenient in case you want to go back and look at the job again in the future.

Second, stay active on Handshake. If you interact even once a month it will list jobs you can apply for once you are ready. Even if you are just looking at your dream jobs, Handshake will find jobs that are similar but in your realm of education and experience. These can be good opportunities to get your foot in the door of your dream career and industry.

Follow Companies that Interest You

If you have an employer or company in mind that you want to work for, it is best to filter by that company and follow them. That way, you get updates when they post new jobs, and you can easily see if these new jobs interest you. 

Another way to find jobs that interest you is to follow the companies you would want to work for. If you follow them on Handshake, you can get updates when those companies post new jobs. These updates are a quick and easy way to see if their posted jobs appeal to you.

Read Through the ‘Interview’ Tab

Once you have applied for a job and are set up to have an interview, search the company in Handshake. There is an 'Interview' tab that includes feedback from other students that have interviewed with them in the past. They post tips on how to answer questions, what general questions they were asked, and what the interview process was like. It is very helpful in preparing for an interview!

Handshake Events and Career Fairs

One of the best ways to network and find job opportunities is through Handshake events and career fairs. These events (found through the “Events” tab) are hosted by specific organizations, companies, and universities. Some events are focused on career or company exploration (information sessions) whereas others may be actively recruiting through job fairs and interviews. Most events will allow you to build your own schedule which is a great benefit for those with busy schedules. It’s important to start forming relationships with recruiters and other company contacts so start exploring and attending events as soon as possible!