Oral/Written Communication Competency

Strong communication skills are consistently in high demand in the workplace.  Oral and written communication skills are essential to navigating team dynamics and projects, solving problems, managing your career, and more. This highly-sought after skill is defined as the "ability to articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively in written and oral forms to persons inside and outside of the organization. You have public speaking skills, are able to express ideas to others, and can write/edit memos, letters, and complex technical reports clearly and effectively. You understand context and how it informs the way you communicate."

Practice makes perfect and Oral/Written Communication is one area where you can always improve throughout your academic and professional career.


  • Complete Public Speaking (CMST 1020) or Business Communication (MIS 3200)
  • Completed and Reviewed Resume by a career specialist for a specific job posting
  • Completed and Reviewed Cover Letter by a career specialist for a specific job posting
  • Attend Mock Interview Day (February 19, 2021)
  • Watch Career Prep Workshop video on Oral/Written Communication (see below)

Once you have completed a challenge, submit your verification documentation.

The goal is to showcase your experience and skills in specific competency areas so select the verification form that is most relevant and helpful for you and the challenge/past experience you are articulating. You can use the following for verification: resume/cover Letter, elevator pitch, STAR interview response, or a reflection/summary.

Oral/Written Communication

Career Readiness Competency Information provided by NACE- National Association of Colleges and Employers