Leadership Competency

Tell me about a time when you were a leader? Tell me about a situation where you had to manage a team during a difficult situation and what was the outcome? Tell me about an unpopular decision you made for your team and how you gained acceptance from others?

Would you know how to answer these questions if asked by an employer? Would you be able to describe your own leadership style? It's true that we can never anticipate every question we will get asked in an interview, but we will be much more prepared if we have reflected on various competency-based questions beforehand. Many companies now use "behavioral interviewing", a technique in which the applicant is asked to describe past behavior in order to determine whether a candidate is fit for a particular position. Many of these behavioral interviewing based questions are ultimately getting at one of the eight career readiness competencies such as leadership. These challenges will help you reflect on and articulate the career readiness competencies, helping you be more prepared for interview questions and other career opportunities.


Once you have completed a challenge, submit your verification documentation.

The goal is to showcase your experience and skills in specific competency areas so select the verification form that is most relevant and helpful for you and the challenge/past experience you are articulating. You can use the following for verification: resume/cover Letter, elevator pitch, STAR interview response, or a reflection/summary.


Career Readiness Competency Information provided by NACE- National Association of Colleges and Employers