Digital Technology Competency

Change is a constant in life, but especially when it comes to technology. Employers seek candidates that "use existing digital technologies ethically and efficiently to solve problems, complete tasks, and accomplish goals." They not only want, but need professionals to demonstrate effective adaptability to new and emerging technologies. Whether you naturally gravitate toward technology or fall more into the category of being a "late adopter" of technology, learn how technology is affecting your desired industry and career and how you can use it to leverage your professional opportunities by completing one of the challenges.


  • Attend Silicon Slopes (dates TBD) and consider the role of technology in your desired job role and industry
  • Conduct an informational interview with a company contact you are interested in. Ask how digital technology affects his/her role. Additionally, ask what technology skills are imperative for you to gain for your desired position/industry.
  • Articulate a technology-based project you have had in a class (ie. create a website, use advanced Excel, etc.)
  • After learning what technologies can set you apart from other candidates in your desired industry, learn a new technology using W3Schools or other resources such as Pluralsight or Udemy
  • Attend the AIS Python workshops during spring semester (dates TBD)
  • Spend 15-20 minutes researching key word tracking software and how it influences the job search. Implement what you learn by updating your resume and LinkedIn profile according to your ideal roles and industry
  • Watch Career Prep Workshop video on Digital Technology (see below)

Once you have completed a challenge, submit your verification documentation.

The goal is to showcase your experience and skills in specific competency areas so select the verification form that is most relevant and helpful for you and the challenge/past experience you are articulating. You can use the following for verification: resume/cover Letter, elevator pitch, STAR interview response, or a reflection/summary.

Digital Technology

Career Readiness Competency Information provided by NACE- National Association of Colleges and Employers