She's Daring Mighty Things

What We Are Doing Well

50% of our incoming Huntsman Scholar class are women. This means that we are giving more women the opportunity to gain mentorship opportunities, travel internationally, and compete for the top jobs out of the Huntsman School.

The Women in Business Association has 106 members, and even more participants in the club.

What We Are Focused on Improving

22% of our faculty are female. Last year, the Huntsman Family established an endowment chair position exclusively to help recruit female professors.

36% of Huntsman Graduates are female. 40% of our incoming Freshman class are female, up 8% from 2018 and in line with the national average. We are continually establishing more ways to help our women be successful at the Huntsman School.

Students in front of She's daring mighty things poster

Upcoming Events

How We Will Help YOU Succeed

  • Kristyn Allred was hired in 2022 as the inaugural Director of She’s Daring Mighty Things. She can connect you with resources and opportunities at the Huntsman School. , 434B Huntsman Hall
  • Specialized Academic Advisor and Career Coach for your specific major to help you stand out in any job application process
  • Dedicated Faculty who are committed to helping you Dare Mighty Things
  • WIBA club, to help you support women in business as well as two new women-focused clubs, Women in Tech and Women in Finance
  • Huntsman Scholars, providing mentorship to some of our brightest direct admit women
  • The Center for Entrepreneurship, providing guidance and mentorship to those women who want to start their own companies
  • Covey Leadership Fellows, providing leadership opportunities and experience to women
  • Amy Rees Anderson Fellowship through the CGO, which gives women the opportunity to do research in their undergrad and get training from Amy Rees Anderson