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Student Leadership Board

The Six Dimensions of WellnessThe Student Leadership Board works closely with program leadership to enhance the program experience for students. Board members are elected by students. During academic year 2018-2019, the student leaders will use the Six Dimensions of Wellness (National Wellness Institute) program to help create a sense of community within the Huntsman Scholar Program. 

2018-2019 Student Leadership Board

Sami Ahmed

Sami Ahmed is a finance and chemistry major who plans to go on to medical school. Sami is responsible for recruitment and service opportunities for Scholars. He was born in Ethiopia and moved to Utah when he was eleven. Sami loves sports and has invested a good amount of money on football intramurals during his time at USU. And he is very afraid of birds!

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Josh Feigleson

Josh Feigleson is studying economics and statistics and wants to be a management consultant one day. He is responsible for mentoring initiatives among Scholars. He is passionate about helping others, loves sports and music and will do humanitarian work in Fiji this summer.

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Abagail Kosiak

Abigail Kosiak is studying international business and statistics and minoring in math and economics. She is responsible for alumni engagement and occupational wellness. She will intern with NASA this summer and hopes to pursue a master’s degree in healthcare administration.

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Josh Lyman

Josh Lyman is an economics major, with minors in chemistry and quantitative finance. Josh will assist with assessment and continual improvement of the Program. Josh transferred to USU from Southern Utah University specifically for the Huntsman Scholar Program. He loves research and wants to continue to pursue education in Higher Education.

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Reagan Rees

Reagan Siggard is studying management information systems. She is responsible extra-curricular activities for Scholars as she is passionate about keeping students engaged inside and outside the classroom. She is the President of the Association for Information Systems Student Club and a member of the Business Intelligence Research Group.

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