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Huntsman ProSales Program

Huntsman ProSales students program will have the exclusive opportunity to compete in local and national sales competitions, network with sales leaders, participate in career exploration trips, and receive certification and training in sales and marketing strategies preparing them for future careers in sales.

Huntsman ProSales is a market-driven sales program which provides a connection between the best sales students at Utah State University and business executives, managers, and recruiters throughout the nation. 

Partnering with many organizations interested in recruiting from Utah State University, students in the ProSales program graduate with exciting career opportunities in a variety of industries.
ProSales Club Members


Huntsman ProSales provides various opportunities for students to network and compete through participating in our annual events.

Recently, ProSales have been involved with several events such as:

  • In-state and out-of-state student competitions
  • Guest speakers
  • Networking opportunities through Jon M. Huntsman School of Business


ProSales competitions include: Ball State, Florida State, Griffin Hill Sales Idol, Western States Collegiate, and Qualtrics.

Guest Speakers

Read all about who has visited Huntsman ProSales recently.

Additional Information

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