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Shingo Online MBA

Earn the Huntsman Online MBA with the Power of Operational Excellence Specalization

The Shingo Model™ is the internationally recognized standard for operational excellence. The Huntsman Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Operational Excellence is an online program where you learn the Shingo Model along with the principles and behaviors necessary to make operational excellence sustainable.

This cutting-edge program earns you a full MBA from Utah State University (USU) and includes travel and attendance at the annual Shingo Conference and your first Shingo workshop at the beginning of your program. It also includes a full multi-day study tour to Shingo-recognized companies at the end of your program. You do all the rest of the course work in online classes following a regimented schedule that keeps you moving while allowing the flexibility you need for your professional life.

You can apply to the Huntsman Online MBA at USU at any time. The first Shingo specialization cohort (1 year) will start in April 2020 and is capped at 25 students per year. Apply early.

Specifics about the Online MBA from USU:

Specifics about the Shingo training included in the program:

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