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Online MBA Curriculum

The curriculum was developed with two strategic goals:

1. Provide students with expert, cutting-edge business knowledge, ethical values, and the ability to execute.
2. Provide focused education and experiences in a specific area of business to improve student employability.

36 Credit Program

ACCT 6350 Accounting for Management Decision Making (3 cr.)

Action-oriented case studies to demonstrate management accounting techniques to achieve profit goals and business strategies in a variety of organizations. International accounting and ethical issues are addressed.

FIN 6420 Solving Financial Problems (3 cr.)

Corporate finance case course, dealing with problems in working capital management, capital budgeting, cost of capital problems, and corporate restructuring.

MGT 6500 Managing Individuals and Groups (3 cr.)

Focuses on development of interpersonal and team skills. Includes development of organizational systems supporting effective use of human resources, including performance management, motivation, selection, training, rewards, and career development.

MGT 6720 Strategic Supply Chain Management (3 cr.)

Study of basic process functions in managing a production or service organization, such as inventory control, production control, procurement, quality control, production planning, forecasting, etc.

MIS 6060 Analytics in the Enterprise (3 cr.)

Provides foundational knowledge and important skills for business professionals regarding the role and use of analytics in today's enterprises.

MSLE 6200 Executive Influence (3 cr.)

This course is designed to improve students’ understanding and skills in all phases of negotiation, the development of negotiation strategy and to the management of integrative and distributive aspects of the negotiation process. The course is based on a series of simulated negotiations in a variety of contexts including dyadic, buyer-seller transactions, dispute resolution, cross-cultural and third-party.

MSLE 6410 Enterprise Creation (3 cr.)

Focuses on development of new ventures, including entrepreneurial competencies, venture teams, recognizing business opportunities, gathering resources, new venture finance, entry strategies, legal structure, licensing and regulatory requirements, patents, copyrights, and product liability.

MSLE 6520 Enterprise Branding and Marketing (3 cr.)

Advanced case approach to current marketing management problems. Emphasizes concepts, research, techniques, decision making, and marketing strategy development.

MSLE 6640 ST: Investment Strategy (3 cr.)

In development.

MSLE 6640 ST: Strategic Sales Management (3 cr.)

In development.

MSLE 6741 Leadership Development (3 cr.)

This course bridges the practice of leadership with the moral philosophy of leadership. Students learn the long history of leadership theory and the latest research, but they also experience both a hypothetical (case-based) application and real-world application of those ideas.

MSLE 6890 Advanced Strategy (3 cr.)

Taking a CEO’s perspective, this course addresses global competitiveness, strategic assessment, policy development, and strategy execution.