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Thought Leader Visiting Huntsman

February  2017

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lloyd baird

Dr. Lloyd Baird is Professor of Management at Boston University and most recently served as Chair of the Organizational Behavior Department. He was Executive Director of the Leadership Institute for numerous years and currently serves on the steering committee of the Executive Development Roundtable and Research Director of the Human Resources Policy Institute, both consortiums of leading corporations devoted to improving leadership capability in their organizations. He also served as Faculty Director of the Questrom School of Business PhD programs. Currently he is completing work on two grants “Redesigning the Undergraduate Learning Experience” and the “Digital Learning Initiatives”.

Nationally he serves on the Editorial Board of the Human Resources Management Journal, and is a committee member of BizEd’s Education Innovation Awards. Dr. Baird has consulted and worked with leading organizations including IBM, Johnson & Johnson, BP, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Florida Power and Light, John Hancock, ATT, Rockwell International, and the U.S. Army. He received his BS degree from Utah State University and his MBA and PhD from Michigan State University.

Dr. Baird joins the Huntsman School faculty as the Huntsman Presidential Visiting Professor of Leadership for Spring 2017, working with the leadership group and dean’s office to position the school on the forefront of business education. Because students learn best when the curriculum is equal parts learning, applying, and then internalizing concepts by teaching them to others, Dr. Baird is helping create a more collaborative approach to business education and integrate it into the curriculum.

Linkage, or forming connections between things, is one key concept driving the redesign toward a more holistic undergraduate curriculum. “The Huntsman School has clubs, institutes, foundations, roundtables, national linkages, the entrepreneurial center, the Huntsman Scholars program, and a global presence at our disposal that we can weave together to create opportunities for students to learn, apply, and internalize concepts. We need to link curriculum horizontally through the years and across departments and pull these opportunities into the classroom,” says Dr. Baird.

Another key is leveraging concepts and processes across disciplines, giving students opportunities to work with and learn from those outside their own areas of study. “How can we take what’s being done in one place, and leverage it into a different place?” asks Dr. Baird. “We need to understand that separate departments are silos that are linked together and leveraging off each other. When students understand how the entire system functions, they can better understand the opportunities and constraints they’re working with and know how to produce and become excellent.”

Dr. Baird believes that over the next few years the collaborative business curriculum will bring more national and international recognition to the school and increase opportunities and experiences for the students. “In three to five years, the Huntsman School of Business will look like an enhanced version of itself. We have excellent outside support, an undergraduate population that’s uniquely prepared to make a difference in the world, and an admin group that wants to bust the norms of how learning and teaching takes place. Who wouldn’t want to play with that?”