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Prestigious Internship Leads to Full-Time Position

September  2016

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Eliza Thacker

The first thing you will notice about Eliza Thacker is that she speaks quickly and concisely. While she is a naturally friendly and enthusiastic person, she honed these communication skills while interning for General Mills in Philadelphia this summer. Thacker stated, “People from the West Coast speak slower and with more patience, I had to learn to speak like an East Coaster.”

Before her summer internship, Thacker participated in a Marketing Analytics Summit competition at Wake Forest University. During the competition she was presented with the Most Valuable Presenter Undergraduate Award. This prestigious award is given to just one student and also includes a $1,000 cash prize. While reflecting on the event, Thacker stated, “Case competitions have been helpful because they’ve taught me to look at a large amount of data and then come up with a solution.”

During her internship with General Mills, Thacker spent the 10-week period in the Consumer Food Sales Division analyzing e-commerce marketing and category management. One of the classes that best prepared her for the internship was a negotiations course taught by John Ferguson through the Huntsman Scholar Program. Thacker stated, “Professor Ferguson’s class taught me how to look at situations from a different point of view and get others’ perspectives.”

At the end of the internship General Mills offered Thacker a full time position. She is excited to embark on a career in marketing analytics, and fully intends to take advantage of life Philadelphia.